Thursday, January 26, 2017

IndoChili, Tanjong Pagar Centre

We popped by this Indonesian restaurant (#B1-03, Tanjong Pagar Centre, 7 Wallich Street, tel : +65 6386 6427) after having seen the other branch numerous times during transit along Zion Road. We were hoping that it would be another good find after having had some good experiences recently with Indonesian food.

We skipped the nasi kuning for the putih so we could understand their flavours more with less distractions.

Quite the sucker for perkerdel we were. These potato patties were nicely fried and peppery. But between Cumi Bali and Sari Ratu, this didn't come up tops.

There was beef satay with a nice sweet and smoky marinade. Liked the flavours but the meat was a little tough.

I thought the sambal for their ayam goreng cabe hijau needed a bit more punch. Not complaining though since it was actually pretty good with the rice. We've had better ayam goreng. The accompanying tempe and tauhu on the side were actually pretty good.

This was called cah kangkung. The name sounded similar to how stir fried kangkong would be called in Hokkien. The dish was essentially sambal kangkong as most of us would know it. Passable in terms of flavour but I really disliked the fact that it was full of stems.

The menu described their ikan bakar kecup as grilled but it was probably deep fried then grilled. Was really gunning for just a decent grilled fish actually. Had assumed that the dominant flavour to be the kecap manis rather than the chilli paste. Wouldn't order this again.

I can't say that I disliked the place, but I don't think we'd be in any hurry at all to come back again. The prices were a little high and at the end of it all, both Cumi Bali and Sari Ratu were much more satisfying eats.

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