Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Betterfield, High Street

This was disappointing and a waste of money.

In spite of truffle oil and truffle salt, their ultimate black truffle fries didn't taste very truffle-y. PS Cafe makes better truffle fries with just truffle oil.

The menu called this as their ultimate seafood pasta. As you can see, the standards are pretty low if these were any indication of being ultimate. The seafood that were described included tiger prawns, squid, shredded crab, mussels, and scallops. The two prawns were a little sorry looking, we had maybe three rings of squid, shredded crab that barely registered texture, two mussels and a singular small scallop. While the pasta didn't taste bad, it looked sloppy and the seafood appeared sad. For $35, it was criminal. 

I thought it would be fun to top up some Raclette cheese on the steak - the sorry looking steak which was supposedly Riverine rib eye. Didn't expect the steak to come tagliata styled too. The tastiest thing on the slate was the nutty torched cheese. And why the slate? It rattles every time I try to slice the meat. For $55, I'm putting this place on blacklist. Astons make nicer steaks.

They didn't even bother trimming the meat of the inedible sinews.

In retrospect, we could have gotten ourselves much better food in this part of town for what we paid here. To be taken into consideration as well, one could actually spend less and land a more satisfying mealNote to self : never come back.

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