Monday, January 02, 2017

Revisiting Baba Wins'

There seemed to have been some recent shakeup with the menu at Baba Wins'. The meat and potato stew which we liked from the last visit seemed to have been taken off amongst a number of other items.

Baba Wins' Peranakan Cuisine, assam china

On the other hand, there was also bunch of new specials which they claim are Peranakan heritage dishes which are not commonly found these days. Some of these dishes were items owners used to cook at home. There was a special called Assam China. It's a pork based tamarind curry with fermented soy bean (tao cheo) and salted fish. This was delicious. Made us eat more rice than usual.

Baba Wins' Peranakan Cuisine, ayam buah keluak

We also tried their ayam buah keluak, something that certain people would consider a benchmark dish for Peranakan cooking. While I've had some tasty buah keluak dishes in the past, this one didn't taste quite like how I remembered the flavour. Something about this dish was quite muted and I couldn't really put my finger to it. An unfortunate weak link from what we ordered tonight.

Baba Wins' Peranakan Cuisine, chinchalok omelette

Something that we've never had before was their chinchalok omelette. A pan fried omelette that's cooked with fermented baby shrimps and chopped string beans. The flavour from the chinchalok was a little more subtle than I had imagined but it was a nicely done omelette with a light crunch from the legumes. Not too greasy and the flavours were pretty clean.

Baba Wins' Peranakan Cuisine, sambal lady's fingers

The other pretty kickass dish was sambal lady's fingers with chopped prawns. Again, well done by not being excessively oily and the flavours of the sambal was outstanding. So good with white rice.

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