Saturday, January 07, 2017

CiBO Italiano, River Valley Road

CiBO (#01-01 Loft @ Nathan, 428 River Valley Road, tel : +65 6385 1310) I have gathered is run by the folks from Donna Carmela. An Italian deli/bistro incidentally similar to what the defunct Riciotti used to do years ago.

CiBO Italiano, antipasti

The menu has antipasti plates that one can choose from what they're selling at the counter. I hope to see some rotation there. Those mini peppers stuffed with goat's cheese were quite good. A nice catch hovering between the aroma of the peppers, pungence from the cheese and some sweetness. The baby octopuses were oddly kinda stiff.

CiBO Italiano, puccia

There's a sandwich on the menu called puccia - apparently a savoury flatbread indigenous to the region of Puglia in Italy. This felt/looked/tasted like foccacia; stuffed with rocket, mortadella and some pickled peppers. The menu doesn't quite specify what goes into them so I'm guessing it's what they feel like for the day.

CiBO Italiano, vongole

One of the rare occasions that vongole is featured in this blog. I love clams, I just never thought very well of vongole that's done locally from past experiences and that has perhaps rubbed off onto me for a very long time. This one was quite good even though the there was quite a bit of the residual tang from the perhaps, generous use of wine. Clams were plump and tasty. Wouldn't mind eating again.

CiBO Italiano, carciofi fritti

When we ordered the carciofi fritti, we didn't expect the portions to be so big. While I'm no expert, this item felt Roman - something that's not such a common sight around these parts. And it was a lot easier to eat than they looked. The fried batter was thin and we don't get fresh artichokes so quite often around here.

CiBO Italiano, tiramisu

Tiramisu here is ok. Not a bad one, but not particularly memorable neither.

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