Thursday, March 26, 2015

BBQ Station, Tan Quee Lan Street

Hmmm, I think like this place (21 Tan Quee Lan St., #01-03) some. Their very appetising liang ban cai was freshly made, deliciously spicy from the chilli and also perkily sour. And there were those boiled pork and cabbage dumplings on the other end were tasty too. What I had mixed feelings over were actually the grills. Some of the meat were good while others were really spiced up unidentifiable chunks of protein matter.

What worked for us obviously was that this was bbq without the hard work. All we had to do was order and the food arrived in pretty short order after. And with all the heat, grease and spices from the food, the only drinks that one should bother with are the hot Chinese tea (pretty nice stuff) and beer.


D said...

I love this place!

Junie said...

i really like this place too. they have one @ geylang, i always go to that outlet.

also, i love love love their toasted bread! u should try it!

PS: sweet spot deli is still around at MBS. The hotel side.