Tuesday, September 09, 2014

La Nonna, Holland Village

La Nonna, squid ink frutti di mare

La Nonna (26 Lorong Mambong, tel : +65 6468 1982) of the Senso Group has been around for some years. It had somehow never been a place that has gotten me interested enough to check out. I'm thinking it's because of Italians and their grandmothers. No offense to the matriarchs, but it's a little tacky as marketing for their food. You know, the home spun and old recipes that they all claim as a source of their cooking. I may not be Italian, but I think grandmother's recipes all over the world tend to have certain defining attributes. Looking rustic aside, it's generally filled with more love and richness than food that one generally can purchase outside. I don't feel that love there. It was a Chinese guy making the pizza today.

So we had a couple of pizzas, a crab and tomato cream pasta linguine and some tiny looking bruschetta. Their linguine was a little more savoury, garlicky and less creamy than the one from Da Paolo.  I like Da Paolo's rendition much better. The squid inked frutti di mare pizza was not too bad though. The toppings were rather generous, crust thin that it was folding down from the weight of the said toppings and the flavour of the ink came through.

I'm not really getting that "I'll be back" vibe though. 

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