Saturday, September 13, 2014

Re-visiting Swaadhisht

Swaadhisht, Chander Road

We're back in Swaadhisht for a re-visit. No goat meat for us this time round, but there was lamb.

Swaadhisht, neichoru

We ordered a neichoru with mutton ishtoo. The former is ghee rice.

Swaadhisht, mutton ishtoo

While the ishtoo is stew. One that was made with quite a bit of coconut milk, curry leaves, onions and generous quantities of cracked black pepper it seems. As the name implies as well, there's chunks of mutton inside. This stuff packed slow building heat and was pretty darn good. Ghee rice or not. It got me spooning mouth after mouth.

Swaadhisht, curd rice

We ordered curd rice. Which is rice mixed with unsweetened yoghurt. There's generally a variety of other items that can be added into the rice and yoghurt mixture. This was the first time that I've had them with both coriander and ginger. That really got to me. Note to self, never order curd rice here again.

Swaadhisht, gobi 65

That's gobi 65 which wasn't on the menu. But the restaurant was able to fry them up on request. Very nicely crisp cauliflower done here. The batter had excellent flavour and texture.

Swaadhisht, lassi

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