Thursday, November 30, 2023

Nummun Thai Kitchen, Upper Thomson Road

Nummun Thai Kitchen, Upper Thomson Road

We came here wanting to try the chunky crab omelette which people were talking about at Nummun Thai Kitchen (#01-03 Thomson Imperial Court, 200 Upper Thomson Road, tel : +65 8886 8699) but they happened to be out of crab. Bummer! Anyways, their cha yen was pretty decent and definitely a reprieve in the scorching afternoon. But that Fanta Green just resurfaced bad memories of childhood so - no more of those.

Nummun Thai Kitchen, thai style kangkong

Thai style stir fried kang kong packed less heat than I was expecting. Main gripe was that they were too stemmy.

Nummun Thai Kitchen, tom yum clear

Non spicy clear tomyum talay was outstanding. At $14, I wished there was more seafood in it. 

Nummun Thai Kitchen, som tam mamuang

Som tam mamuang was pretty bare bones. I had to request for the peanuts. I suspect every other condiment that I was expecting had to be requested for separately. The mango was refreshing with the sugar/lime but I didn't think I tasted any fish sauce. And more finely sliced onions would have been great. 😅

Nummun Thai Kitchen, rice

That som tam mamuang was pretty good with the sticky rice though.

Nummun Thai Kitchen, pineapple fried rice

Not bad tasting pineapple fried rice. Came with a couple of sizeable good quality prawns and cashews.

Nummun Thai Kitchen, thai iced coffee

Ice coffee's decent.

Nummun Thai Kitchen, Upper Thomson Road

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