Friday, November 03, 2023

Ding Ji (鼎记), Ang Mo Kio 631

Ding Ji (鼎记), fish maw soup

This was a branch of Ding Ji (#01-906, 631 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4) which featured their fish maw soup. I liked it. Not every branch offers it. Reminded me of the bowl from Seng Kee. While I don't remember how that was like exactly to make an accurate comparison, Seng Kee's might have been more umami. This one has goji berries, no seaweed and also ladened with ingredients in the soup. 

Ding Ji (鼎记), mee pok

The chilli mix for their noodles was good. While I don't think there should be any difference from the one at Jalan Membina, I also thought this one tasted better.

Ding Ji (鼎记), Ang Mo Kio 631

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