Sunday, November 05, 2023

All that Zazz had to end

Zazz Pizza, Cross Street Exchange

Quality appears to be fluctuating at Zazz Pizza (十一十二) as we approach the end. The boss wasn't in today. Which wasn't usual.

Zazz Pizza, bufala

The balance of their bufala pizza didn't feel right but I don't know if that ratio of ingredients was intentional. I would have imagined that people got this for the milky richness of the buffalo mozzarella. The cheese was buried under the flavours of the other toppings. Pity. That being said, this was not a bad pizza. I enjoyed it.

Zazz Pizza, fettuccine prawns scallops saffron

We've had their saffron fettuccine the first time we ate at their restaurant at Short Street. Today's plate was lacking much of that saffron flavour that impressed us from that time.😔

Zazz Pizza, affogato

You know it.

Zazz Pizza, calamari

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