Sunday, November 19, 2023

Breakfast Club, Tiong Bahru Plaza

Breakfast Club, breakfast plate

I remember Breakfast Club when they used to be at Holland Village. That folded before we could visit and they've recently emerged at Tiong Bahru Plaza taking over the unit that used to be Yaowarat Thai Kway Chap. Both are under the same owner who also runs Joji's Diner.

We were here a couple of minutes before the opening hour (9am) and sat in the dark while we waited. It was 20 minutes later before they were ready to take orders followed by another 25 before we got our food. And we were second in line.

These guys were obviously not ready for that 9am and they should just rebrand as Late Breakfast Club because I'm pretty sure half the country eating breakfast that morning have already had theirs while we were wai.......


Breakfast Club, Tiong Bahru Plaza

They're cheaper than most breakfast plates out there. Then being said, this has to be viewed from a lens where many people here are suckers for expensive breakfast plates and many restaurants know it. Totally overpriced but it makes some of us feel good to geotag a photo while at it. This one was...edible. Just. Hash brown was totally grease logged, mushrooms were from a can and that egg just looked unnatural. Bacon portion was...conclusions can be drawn from the picture. 

I know what I paid for when I paid more.

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