Saturday, November 04, 2023

Pontian MeiGui BBQ (笨珍玫瑰烧鱼), Geylang East Central

Pontian MeiGui BBQ (笨珍玫瑰烧鱼), Geylang East Central

Pontian MeiGui BBQ (#01-90, 121 Geylang East Central) is from Malaysia. They've set up an outpost here with a smaller seafood focused menu near Aljunied MRT.

Pontian MeiGui BBQ (笨珍玫瑰烧鱼), stingray

What headlines the stall is their shrimp-y tasting sambal. Which was pretty good on their barbequed stingray. Would have been great if those stingrays were thicker though.

Pontian MeiGui BBQ (笨珍玫瑰烧鱼), tongue fish

Tried a tongue fish for the first time. Fish was layered with the same sambal. The meat's softer - which also reduced its textural quality. So, stingray was nicer for mouthfeel.

Pontian MeiGui BBQ (笨珍玫瑰烧鱼), sambal sotong petai

Personally thought their sambal sotong petai was delicious, especially with rice. Yes, that would be the same sambal as the prior two dishes. While the name sambal sotong petai implied that there was squid and petai, there's also lady's finger and wing beans in the dish as well. Squids were pretty tender here.

Pontian MeiGui BBQ (笨珍玫瑰烧鱼), chinchalok

This was recommended as their chinchalok but it's not chinchalok as I, or many people might identify for the lack of fermented shrimp flavour. What the dip packed was a bit of heat, some sweetness and a robust citrus which paired with the seafood or even just white rice. It tasted similar to the chilli at Putian minus the heat.

Pontian MeiGui BBQ (笨珍玫瑰烧鱼), rice


Joanna Ang said...

do u mean hae bee hiam kinda sambal ?

LiquidShaDow said...

Yup, it's that kind.