Monday, November 20, 2023

Look what shook out of the shack this November

Shake Shack, bourbon bacon cheddar & fries

Shake Shack's flavour of the current season is the bourbon bacon cheddar. There's bourbon bacon cheese fries that comes with that if it sizzles your bacon. Doesn't that sound like it makes you want to get off your gluteus maximus and run to the nearest Shack already? But hear me out before that. 

Shake Shack, double bourbon bacon cheddar

This was underwhelming and the worst tasting of both their limited time and regular burgers. I'm getting sweetness, some heat and oregano (wtf is this!) from that bourbon bacon. It's a flavour I did not and could not associate with "bourbon bacon". Couldn't even tell that there was bacon in it. For the first time oddly, the taste of the fried onions registered for me.

Shake Shack, bourbon bacon cheese fries

The quality of their service crew has obviously dropped with their expansion and all that. That one zombie today looked like she was dying to leave the place and couldn't care less.

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