Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Tanamera Coffee, Tanglin Mall

Tanamera Coffee, Tanglin Mall

We were drawn to Tanamera Coffee (#02-130 Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Road, tel : +65 8660 3712) because they featured Indonesian food instead of just regular coffee place stuff.

Tanamera Coffee, matcha cafe latte

Haven't tried much of their regular coffee but I thought their dirty matcha was pretty good. Pretty good meant that there was enough matcha and coffee in the drink without imbalance. Reminded me of the one at the defunct Forty Hands.

Tanamera Coffee, soto betawi

Our first soto betawi - a beef and vegetable broth with coconut milk. And also chunks of potatoes, carrots and tomato. The clean milky broth was not bad tasting. I kept thinking it was soup buntut with coconut milk.

Tanamera Coffee, seafood woku

Seafood woku - I'm not familiar with what's a woku but from what I gather, it's a sort of turmeric curry. I like it - it was creamy, coconut-y and savoury. Seafood's just squid and prawns but it was three sizeable and good quality prawns. And then some pumpkin, cauliflower and kailan.

Tanamera Coffee, rice

Gotta do rice because sambals and gravies. 

Tanamera Coffee, nasi goreng hitam

Nasi goreng iga hitam. Squid ink fried rice.

Tanamera Coffee, nasi goreng hitam

Came with some sweet marinated beef ribs on the side. Those squiggly stuff on the other side were prawn crackers. Not great as a whole.

Tanamera Coffee, tempe goreng

Tahu tempe goreng had a nice flavoured batter. These fritters included tofu in them as well.

Tanamera Coffee, kue tape

Love their kue tape. It's essentially a butter cake with cassava/tapioca. Much like the kueh bingka at Quentin's. This one was a little denser in texture and also more buttery. Nice. 👍🏼

Tanamera Coffee, Tanglin Mall

Enjoyed the matcha caffe latte.

Tanamera Coffee, Tanglin Mall

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