Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Revisiting Quentin's

Quentin's, Ceylon Road

Came back to try more of the food at Quentin's.

Quentin's, pasteis de bacalhau

That's the pasteis de bacalhau - deep fried salt cod & potato fritters. Nicely browned crisp shell with piping hot insides. These are like the better version of Birds Eye Fish Fingers. 😅 

Quentin's, dry laksa

Was curious about their dry laksa which turned out to be pretty similar to the Peranakan variety. This one was a bit more sweet than savoury but was otherwise, very recognizeable from the coconut and shrimp infusion in the rempah. That and those flakes of dried laksa leaves.

Quentin's, dry mee siam

Dry mee siam was sweet and tangy. Seems that the ratio of the ingredients in their rempahs favours sweetness which is a little bit more than I like. There's a mellow quality in the sweet tanginess of some mee siam that I've enjoyed which I don't detect here. Between this and the laksa, I prefer the latter. 

Quentin's, black ink calamari

Loved this black ink calamari dish. The broth was flavoured with the ink and garlic - thin enough to drink like soup and sufficient flavourful to be gravy for rice.

Quentin's, kueh bingka

Quentin's kueh bingka was a pleasant curiosity. They appear to be a derivative of the more commonly found bingka ubi. These were less dense and in spite of the name, were more cake than kueh. Aside from the bits of tapioca one could detect, the rest of it was pretty much a butter cake. I like this.

Quentin's, coffee

Quentin's, Ceylon Road

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