Sunday, November 19, 2023

A recent Sushiro-ism

Sushiro, Suntory

Back at Sushiro. A realization just dawned upon me on how much I've been eating there when I've had to put up these 👉🏼 (, , , , , , , , ,, 十一, 十二). Here's some of the stuff we had this time.

Sushiro, ankimo gunkan

Ankimo gunkan. I wonder if these are truly seasonal. I seem to recall seeing them around quite a number of times. Today's was decent.

Sushiro, sujiko nigiri

I'm surprised that they do sujiko here. It's okay. Definitely have had better before. On nigiri as well.

Sushiro, aburi hon maguro toro

Aburi-ed hon maguro toro was nice. I could wish that the tuna was a larger piece but I'm happy with this.

Sushiro, uni wrap

Today's uni was extra bad tasting. I did not like it at all. Tasted worse than the bad looking uni we've had here before.

Sushiro, crab leg tempura

Crab leg tempura. Kind of guilty pleasure.

Sushiro, cold chawanmushi
Sushiro, cold chawanmushi

I have a soft spot for their chilled chawanmushi.

Sushiro, pumpkin tempura

Pumpkin tempura was unexpectedly good. Even though it was much more greasy than I normally like tempura.

Sushiro, yamaya mentai cream tsukemen

This was called yamaya mentai cream tsukemen. It's tastier than it looked and that cream had a bit of smokey flavour.

Sushiro, yamaya mentai cream tsukemen

What I didn't get was how were they expecting to tsukemen this. We sure didn't and poured the cream sauce into the noodle which was the sensible way to eat it.

Sushiro, mont blanc

Discount mont blanc. Don't think of it as one.

Sushiro, orange yoghurt ice cake

Some orange yoghurt ice cake which was okay-ish. Not one of their more memorable desserts.


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