Thursday, November 02, 2023

Prata Alley, Alexandra Central

Prata Alley, Alexandra Central

I remember Prata Alley (#01-07 Alexandra Central, 321 Alexandra Road) from back in the time they were at Clementi. From the tweets of a little bird, they've moved out because of a spike in rental. It seems like they've taken over the spot that used to be Yummy Punjabi and the latter has moved up to the second floor. 

Here's a look at some of the food we've had over a couple of visits.

Prata Alley, fish tikka briyani

Fish tikka briyani - that fish tikka was pretty yoghurt-y. Pretty sure it's mackerel here. Dark red gravy on the side/egg was nutty and sweet; tasted like the one for butter chicken. Nice savoury spiced flavour going on in their briyani.
Prata Alley, fish curry briyani

Fish curry briyani uses red snapper in the usual tamarind based curry. We got a tail section of the fish. Don't know if that's the norm or luck of the draw. Meat was deliciously moist and tender.

Prata Alley, mutton murtabak mozzarella cheese

One could choose to top up orders of their murtabak with mozzarella cheese. We had the mutton one with that. These were neither crispy nor fluffy here and that's the way they roll. Pretty good with the cheese though.

Prata Alley, masala tea

Unfortunately masala tea's not great. The masala mix was weak.

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