Thursday, November 23, 2023

Mala xiang guo at Zhang Liang Mala Tang (张亮麻辣)

Zhang Liang Mala Tang (张亮麻辣)

We came back to Zhang Liang for their mala xiang guo. Had the bowl 中辣. I had expected more heat out of it but I'm not complaining with what we've gotten. Wonder if the heat had been dialed down for locals.

Zhang Liang Mala Tang (张亮麻辣), mala xiang guo

Nicely done in my opinion. No excessive oil pooling at the bottom, deliciously salty and great variety of ingredients that you could pick. Toasted peanuts too. This was noticeably more pricey than the likes of Tian Fu Ren Jia. Understandable since this was in Bugis and the spread was way larger so I guess that's what we paid for. 

Note to self : do not pick the dory the next time.

Zhang Liang Mala Tang (张亮麻辣), Bugis

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