Friday, December 01, 2023

Shi Nian (石年), Maxwell Food Centre

Shi Nian (石年), pig trotter rice

So, apparently what happened the last time I ordered pig trotter rice at Shi Nian at Amoy was that I ended up with literally the pig's feet, or 猪蹄 rather than what most people would assume to be 猪脚 or something khao kha moo-ish.

Shi Nian (石年), pig leg rice

Which I had gotten today at this branch (#01-64 Maxwell Food Centre, 1 Kadayanallur Street). Deliciously tender and slurpy and full of flavour from the braising sauce. This was a lot more satisfying than the last one and the young chap manning the stall was also much amicable compared to the couple of guys at Amoy with half scowls.

Shi Nian (石年), swirly intestine

Got an order of their chewy textured swirly intestines which were quite similar to the more refined renditions that one can find at Putien. Not bad.

Shi Nian (石年), Maxwell Food Centre

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