Monday, December 11, 2023

Christmas salmon and coleslaw at Han's

Han's, xmas menu 2023

Saw this on their menu and thought they had gotten their act together by actually coming up with something that looked like it was worth a try. They did put on an act instead of getting it together. Getting professional product shots of products that actually don't look like the pictures. I should have known, right?


Didn't taste anything remotely honey garlic in it. I don't think it was a sour cream sauce either. A sour cream smudge on the salmon sounded more accurate. That cranberry almond "crust" - I saw them carefully pour out dried cranberries and almond flakes onto that smudge of sour cream. That was the "crust". Fish was dry. Carrots and broccoli were unsalted and hard but I think we all know that's just their signature. Hard and bland broccoli and baby carrots.


I'm not sure why the coleslaw is on the Xmas menu. Should be a mainstay and half of what they were charging because it was actually decent.

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