Saturday, December 17, 2022

Han's, Guoco Tower

Han's, Guoco Tower

Haven't eaten at Han's for a long time. I used to like their fried rice. Looking back, those felt like another place and time. Anyways this was from the outlet at Guoco Tower (#B2-25, 1 Wallich Street). What landed us here could be a few reasons. 

I would like to think it was mostly curiosity after all these years. Perhaps also lurking quietly and subconsciously, there was a looking forward to a bit of nostalgia. There's also the duck confit we saw on their menu for the Xmas season. Someone had recently also mentioned their chicken chop looked good. Reasons coalesced into intent.

Han's, duck confit

So here's that duck confit in orange sauce. Nicely salted and pretty tender. Certainly wasn't the best one around but I'd eat it again. The orange sauce......wasn't great but I could tell that it was made with oranges for sure. Even thought I tasted duck fat in the mash. What I didn't see coming was that I enjoyed this more than the one at Joji's Diner.

Han's, chicken chop

This was likely my first chicken chop at Han's. Pretty tasty actually. There's some nice browning on the skin and the meat was moist for sure. Too bad the retro flavoured black pepper sauce was mediocre since that could have seriously elevated the plate. Fortunately the chicken's good on its own. 

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