Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Lucca's Trattoria, Tiong Bahru

Lucca's Trattoria, Tiong Bahru

We ate at Lucca's Trattoria once years ago back when they were located at Robertson Quay. Wasn't impressed. They've shifted to Tiong Bahru (Lvl 1 Nostalgia Hotel, 77 Tiong Bahru Road, tel : +65 6223 2301) a while ago and we wanted to see if how the food has changed, or hopefully improved over those years we decided to forget about them.

Lucca's Trattoria, fritto misto

We ordered their fritto misto because there were fried mussels. It was okay - not the most promising seafood quality there but it wasn't bad. Batter needed more salt so they weren't that good on their own. I suppose a lot more of that shaven cheese would have helped too. Most of what kept us going was the Calabrian chilli sauce.

Lucca's Trattoria, chicken liver bruschetta

Was looking towards their chicken liver crostinis. Not bad also. I shouldn't compare but I couldn't help but to reminisce.

Lucca's Trattoria, cacio e pepe

Cacio e pepe was kinda disappointing. It was more creamy than cheesy and it didn't look or taste like it had that much pepper.

Lucca's Trattoria, pappardelle rabbit

Fortunately the rabbit pappardelle fared better. Dried pasta and al dente with a bite like fresh ones cannot achieve. Not complaining here. Broth tasted nothing like the red wine sauce they mentioned on the menu at all but it did taste pretty good. Also very Asian. Specifically quite similar to lor bak so I'm guessing the spices used were similar. Even the borlotti bean reminded me of braised peanuts. Hmmm......

Lucca's Trattoria, tiramisu

Tiramisu was nicely done and moist like I enjoy it. My only gripe - there was a lot more cream than mascarpone in it. While that made the dessert airier, it also tasted noticeably less mascarpone-y. I also gave them a few points for having Maraschino cherry.

Lucca's Trattoria, Tiong Bahru

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