Friday, December 23, 2022

Festive menu ribs from Morganfield's

Morganfield's, star vista

Been wondering about the chestnut and cranberry glazed ribs from Morganfield's for a few years now. We've always somehow managed to miss them when they're available through the end of the year. So we've finally come to try them this year.

Morganfield's, Connor Kronenbourg

There's Connor and Kronenbourg on tap and it's $13 for the whole day on Sundays.

Morganfield's, mushroom soup

Mushroom soup's decent. The texture felt like something that came out of a blender.

Morganfield's, chestnut stick bones

The description for the chestnut sticky bones on the menu was 'chestnut roasted to amplify its nutty flavour, then blended into an earthy basting sauce to give our ribs a subtle sweetness in every bite'. I didn't think there was anything subtle about the sweetness. Nothing about the chestnut came through. Tasted like generic barbecue flavour.

Morganfield's, cranberry baby back ribs

Cranberry sauce on the baby back ribs tasted much like the chestnut sauce. If not for the cranberries on them, I wouldn't have known. While the ribs didn't taste bad as a whole, the flavour was underwhelming from expectations they have etched with their description. But now we know.

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