Monday, December 12, 2022

LINO Pizza & Pasta Bar, Shaw Centre

LINO Pizza & Pasta Bar, Shaw Centre

The restaurant used to be just LINO Pasta Bar. They've expanded and taken over the unit next door and have also included pizzas on the menu so it's both an pizza and pasta bar now. Did Les Amis Group failed to identify that pizza need while cranking up the old pasta bar or was that evolution that came about after they've taken over the neighbour? That was rhetorical.

LINO Pizza & Pasta Bar, lppb magherita smoked burratina, tomato passata, honey tomato, basil pesto

LPPB's Margherita which differs from the standard issue Margherita by having smoked burrata and pesto and cherry tomatoes. Personally, the smoked burrata and pesto worked and I enjoyed this on their Neapolitan styled crust. That being said, the crust from these guys aren't at the same level as Zazz or Luka.

LINO Pizza & Pasta Bar, Cream spinach bacon tart, confit egg, salad, parmigiano

Hmmm....creamed spinach tart topped with thin bacon petals, confit egg and parmigiano. Tasted as good as it sounded and I shall leave it as that.

LINO Pizza & Pasta Bar, king prawn risotto

King prawn risotto was a dish of the month. Didn't taste so much like risotto, more like just wet rice with a light dashi and nori flavour with prawn oil. Seafood quality was pretty good,

LINO Pizza & Pasta Bar, Spaghetti aglio-olio with prawns, squid, bird’s eye chilli

Nicely done aglio olio with squid and prawns. My only gripe was the menu mentioning bird's eye chilli and I didn't get them in the pasta. Just a small dried chilli and not enough heat to temper my expectations after reading bird's eye chilli. Otherwise it was delicious with a couple of twists of salt from the mill.

LINO Pizza & Pasta Bar, tiramisu

Tiramisu was cocoa heavy and pretty dry. To read that alternatively, there's either too little mascarpone or cream or both. To the point that the heavy dusting of cocoa overwhelmed the other parts of the dessert. Did not taste bad but nothing about it would elevate it beyond a passable rendition. Kinda surprised encountering the low pedestrian standards for this one.

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