Monday, December 26, 2022

Parmesan Truffle Chicken and Zhng Zinger from KFC

Those who never learn history are condemned to repeat it. I felt like I wanted to check these out from KFC hoping that maybe, just maybe, things have gotten better. 

KFC, parmesan truffle chicken

When I get Jollibee, the first elicited response when I take a bite of their chicken is usually a silent 'yummy!'. KFC usually gets me to 'fuck, this tasted unhealthy!' There's a bit of truffle flavour and it was pretty cheesy in a cheap cheesy way for the parts with the cheese powder. The crusty bits got to me after a while because the parts that didn't have cheese were bland. Meat's a bit dry.

KFC, zhng zinger

Despite apprehension, I got the Zhng Zinger anyway. Since I've already transgressed, might as well poke around. Apparently this was inspired by some TikTok dude. Chicken was pretty tender. With the hot sauce and the pickles, it was actually not bad. Until the pickles ran out in a few bites. That's when it regressed back into a regular Zinger with dry buns. Couldn't taste the onion rings in it all. Cheese? Do you even see it? Will take Popeyes' chicken sandwich over this any day.

KFC, cheese fries

It might have been psychological at this point but eating the cheese fries felt like a coat in the arteries minus the satisfaction. The best part of this visit was probably gulping down the Coke Zero to wash away all the grease.

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