Sunday, December 18, 2022

Christmas season stuff at Ma Maison Kitchen

Ma Maison Kitchen, 100AM

It's not so much traditional Christmas food. More like dishes Ma Maison Kitchen has for the season that's outside of their regular menu.

Ma Maison Kitchen, crust X ma maison

There's a CRUST X Ma Maison beer. This Breaking Bad Ale was hoppy brew which was both floral and citrusy. Not bad tasting. CRUST Group makes beer from surplus bread (and other ingredients they claim) if anyone was wondering who they were.

Ma Maison Kitchen, smoked beef

We've been wondering about a bunch of stuff from their smoked meat menu for a while. Finally decided to try their smoked beef fillet. It's not much smoky. Kinda disappointing actually because we were expecting more.

Ma Maison Kitchen, Mizayaki pork steak whisky butter sauce

This Mizayaki tonketi was delicious and a large part of that was due to the butterscotch-y whiskey butter sauce. Nice.

Ma Maison Kitchen, stewed duck peach sauce

That's stewed duck with peach sauce. Said sauce was made with veal stock and it was not as peachy as I had imagined. While those red peppercorns had a nice flavour, they kinda felt "detached" from the duck. The meat had a nice natural flavour and was slurp off the bone tender though.

Ma Maison Kitchen, 100AM

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