Friday, December 09, 2022


Ch叉r, Jalan Besar

Re-visiting Ch叉r. Seems like the menu has expanded to include more dishes which we've either not seen before or have never taken noticed of the last time we were here.

Char, double boiled free range chicken soup

Delicious double boiled chicken soup that was thick and intense with flavour from both chicken and dried scallops. This one which uses free ranged Anxin chickens was apparently an upgrade from their older recipe which presumably used......regular chickens?

Char, hobgoblin pork ribs

This was Hobgoblin pork ribs. Nothing to do with hobgoblins or Hobgoblin from Marvel but it uses Hobgoblin dark ale from by Wychwood Brewery. Suspect it's their Ruby Beer which the restaurant is also offering. I couldn't discern any special flavours. Tasted like a nicely done 排骨王 with a rich and slightly smoky sweet glaze over nicely crusted fried pork ribs.

Char, okra banana delight

That's their okra banana delight. Okra a.k.a. lady's fingers stir fried in a sweet sambal and onions with torched bananas. Tasted like how it looked but pairing sure was unusual.

Char, mala char siew

Mala char siew if anyone was wondering. There's definitely mala spices in there (comprising of 13 different spices according to what they claimed) but there wasn't much heat. Still mostly sweet as their char siew normally are. The tangy sauce on the side was much spicier

Ch叉r, Jalan Besar

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