Thursday, December 29, 2022

Truffle Fried Rice/Udon Max from Wok Hey

Wok Hey, Truffle Fried Rice Max

I've gotten fried rice from Wok Hey a number of times. They're generally okay (from my experience at least) for something that's a quick hot meal. Because each time is probably a different person cooking, the standards tend to fluctuate. Somewhat. This Christmas special from them is Truffle Fried Rice Max. There's a cheesy chicken snail sausage, macadamia nuts and cranberries. Not bad tasting. Savoury and occasional pops of citrus sweet from the cranberries. Pretty flavourful from the truffle paste they put in it.

A few days later......

Wok Hey, Truffle Fried Udon Max

So I wanted to try the udon just to see what was the difference. There's macadamia and cranberries along with the cheese chicken snail sausage like the fried rice. What's apparent was that this tasted sweeter compared to the rice which was more savoury. Was also less truffle-y. The texture and sweetness kinda reminded me of char kuey teow. Pretty sure there's a generous amount of oil in there for that smooth slurpability. Between the two, I like the rice better.

Wok Hey

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