Sunday, December 25, 2022

Renewal at Nakajima Suisan

Nakajima Suisan, takashimaya

It's been at least a couple of years since we ate at Nakajima Suisan. Definitely missed them. (, , , , , , , , , 十一, 十二, 十三, 十四, 十五, 十六) The global pandemic had been in part, one of the reasons why we haven't been eating here. The other reason was of course, the usual relentless queue the shop has which can sometimes be deterring.

That being said, they have upgraded the premise. Seating capacity is about double what they once were and there seems to be minor changes to their teishoku. Apart from the old shredded cabbage salad with sesame dressing which doesn't seem to have seaweed anymore and the takuan, they've now also, if you would believe it, a little dish of chuka wakame with mala flavour.

There's also options to top up the rice with mentaiko or negitoro. We got the latter.

Nakajima Suisan, akauo hikari teishoku
Nakajima Suisan, akauo hikari

Fell back to some stuff which we thought was reliable. This akauo hiraki teishoku was satisfying. Fish was clean tasting, flaky and meaty at the same time with that faint prawny aroma.

Nakajima Suisan, mero teriyaki teishoku
Nakajima Suisan, mero teriyaki

On the other end was their buttery mero teriyaki which was flaky and rich. The crisped up skin was so good.

Nakajima Suisan, cha

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