Sunday, December 11, 2022

IL Fiore Restaurant & Bar, Raffles Place

IL Fiore Restaurant & Bar, Raffles Place

IL Fiore is at the basement of Singapore Land Tower (B1-01 Singapore Land Tower, 50 Raffles Place, tel : +65 6223 3551) accessible from a stairway. Don't let the innocuous name mislead you, I read that they're also known as the "Dungeon". 😂 While perusing their menu, I also kinda got the impression that they're the atas version of Han's with a bar in dim lighting. 😂

IL Fiore Restaurant & Bar, asahi black

$13 a pint of Asahi Kuronama in town is pretty sweet.

IL Fiore Restaurant & Bar, beef tenderloin fried rice

That's beef tenderloin fried rice. This one was stir fried with dark soya sauce, hence the colour. A little moist, a little greasy and just the slightest sweetness from the dark soya sauce. Don't expect wok hei and it's pretty good eating. What I liked about it were the chunks of beef tenderloin. No need to do a double take, it's chunks and not slices. And it's not the "sodium bicarbonated to death" unidentifiable protein matter.

IL Fiore Restaurant & Bar, hokkien mee

There's Hokkien mee too. Don't let the looks fool you. The lard was mostly flavourless - shocking! 😬 But true story. The amount of flavour it imparted has almost no bearing with the quantity they put in it. But otherwise, it was an okay Hokkien mee. Not one the better ones out there but it doesn't make you wanna rip your hair out either.

IL Fiore Restaurant & Bar, chillis

Sambal's pretty flavourful - definitely getting the dried shrimps but doesn't pack much heat. Works with the noodles, not as well for the fried rice. The sliced red chilli in light soya sauce on the other hand plays well with both.

IL Fiore Restaurant & Bar, oyster omelette

We ordered their oyster & cockle omelette sans the cockles. Not bad. I like the toasty egg flavour on it. But know that you'll be paying prices at least double of what one can normally get in food centres. That being said, you also wouldn't be enjoying them in an air conditioned dungeon with good table service at Raffles Place.

Not open in the weekends.

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