Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Confounding mala mazesobas from Menya Kokoro

So there're a couple of "mala mazesoba" at Menya Kokoro. We've tried the both of them and one of them appears to be the real McCoy while the other which bears the name is likely not.

Menya Kokoro, kiwami tan tan mazesoba

The Kiwami tantan mazesoba is described as having a spicy and numb flavour. What baffled me was, why is there a mala flavour in it and how come this didn't taste like dan dan mian as its name suggested? Charshu was thick and a little hard. 

Menya Kokoro, spicy mala mazesoba

Then there was their spicy mala mazesoba - I once ordered it minus the mala and they obliged. I wanted to try it with the mala this time round.

Menya Kokoro, spicy mala mazesoba

The sauce was gritty, spicy and nutty. But I couldn't detect any mala. I also don't recall it tasting like the previous spicy mazesoba as well. Pretty delicious but the name of the bowl doesn't go with the flavour. Something doesn't add up with these two bowls.

Menya Kokoro, spicy mala mazesoba

Did anyone notice that the rice is getting smaller? It taking two portions these days to properly soak up the leftover gravy from the mazesoba.

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