Sunday, December 04, 2022

Omoté, Thomson Plaza

Omoté, Thomson Plaza

Some years ago, Omoté (#03-24A, 301 Upper Thomson Road, +65 9450 1020) used to be known as Sushiro (not to be mistaken for the kaitenzushi Sushiro). They've gotten pretty successful and grown from the little stall they were into a pretty spacious restaurant with another branch in City Hall these days. Menu has expanded by a lot. Reservations appear to be a must to secure a seat over the weekends.

Omoté, saba

Tried their sabayaki which was pretty decent. Crisp on the outside and moist on the inside. Didn't take to what they described as a cherry shrimp (sakura ebi if you're wondering) sauce. Must be the ginger in it.

Omoté, wasabi power chirashi

Landed myself something I thought I normally wouldn't - their Wasabi Power chirashi. 

It was one of their chirashi under the 'iconic classics' section of their menu. Not in a position to determine if it was iconic or classic here but this was their "signature" chirashi bowl layered with a couple of different wasabi sauces and a dollop of the paste stuff on the side. 

Creamy, sweetish and pungent. I think I kinda hit my limit without even using the paste. While it lived up to its name, the amount of wasabi flavour also kinda overwhelmed most of the flavour from the chunky cubes of fish toppings. Speaking of fish, I discerned salmon, tuna, swordfish and octopus. Pretty decent quality ones at that.

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