Friday, June 19, 2020

Double downing the Double Down

KFC mozzarella zinger double down

Or is that doubling down the Double Down? Anyways, KFC has a limited time promotion for a 1 for 1 Mozzarella Zinger Double Down. $7.50 for 2 of those? I thought it was a good enough deal to give them a go since I've never tried any of their previous iterations.

It's obvious that their 11 secret herbs and spices are no longer important these days since the tomato basil sauce which I didn't like masked most of the flavour coming from the chicken. The fried mozzarella cheese in between the fried chicken tasted a little....unnatural. Chicken was crunchy and had a little heat. This stuff isn't doing favours for anyone's heart but at least I've tried it.

KFC double down

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