Thursday, June 04, 2020

More food from Kok Sen Restaurant

Kok Sen, food

Tried more food from Kok Sen. So that we could get a better sensing of the quality and style of their food.

Kok Sen, mui fan

I miss good mui fan. By good, I meant the kind that I used to eat as a kid. Something with decent to good quality ingredients and without excessive starch in the gravy. The closest I've come to one in recent times was at Hillman Restaurant. I had imagined this one from Kok Sen to be similar. It wasn't. 

What I didn't expect was the rice that they had used. It was fried rice instead of white rice. Like the 福建炒饭 from Tian Tian Seafood. There was more aroma because of that. The portion was huge.

Kok Sen, big prawn hor fun

This was their big prawn hor fun. Egg drop gravy with the prawns was packed separately from the hor fun. More than half of the social media food porn from Kok Sen featured this. I was hoping that the flavour justified the hype. It didn't. 

Not for me. The gravy was a little crustacean-y with sweetness from onions and some sort of sambal. Gravy that became watery after a while. It was not bad tasting but I wouldn't get it again. 

Kok Sen, mui fan

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