Sunday, November 26, 2017

More mazeudon-ing at Tamoya Udon

Tamoya Udon, oooh mami udon

Tamoya has come up with a bunch of differently flavoured mazeudon. Presumably, it's a follow up to the reception of their mixing udon. From what we could see from the neighbouring tables, these seemed to be equally well liked. Their oooh mami udon was especially umami (insert groan). Much more so than their other bowls which were already umami in general. Enhanced much by the ebiko (or was that tobiko), bonito flakes and dried sakuri ebi.

Tamoya Udon, pesto udon

They also have a pesto bowl - with pesto that was oddly made with some coriander. Coriander normally drives me away but this particular pesto was....balanced. The flavour from the herb wasn't overwhelming like how it normally is and after a while, I even enjoyed it. Strange but true.

Tamoya Udon, tempura

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