Sunday, June 09, 2019

Not by the hair of my chinny Chin Chin

Chin Chin Eating House, chicken rice

I haven't eaten at Chin Chin Eating House (19 Purvis Street) much. The first time was about 12 years ago and in between - probably only once. The last visit wasn't such a good experience. It was only on retrospect that I've realized that I had ordered their roasted chicken again like the first time I ate here. So here's change.

Chin Chin Eating House, chicken rice

Boiled chicken this time round. It's not bad chicken. Pretty tender bird doused in the usual sesame oil/soy sauce combination. Not the top of my list or close to riveling the outstanding ones like Hua Kee or Sin Kee but very edible stuff. Chin Chin's rice is a little dry and a little clumpy with a light flavour. Not quite good enough to eat on its own for me but their chilli with a light burn helps.

Chin Chin Eating House, omelette bitter gourd

On the side, we ordered omelette stir fried with bitter gourd. This was quite nice.

Chin Chin Eating House, hainanese pork chop

We had another go at their Hainanese pork chop. Eating this was kinda pleasant this time round. It tasted freshly made unlike the previous occasion and they had the sauce served on the side rather than doused over everything. This pork chop was better than most "pork chop" served in most curry rice shops all over the island. To my surprise, I didn't dislike the tangy tomato sauce. In fact, I was dangerously close to liking it. *gasp*

Chin Chin Eating House, Purvis Street

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