Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Shake Shack, Pacific Place, Admiralty

Shake Shack

I was wondering if it was worth the time against the crowd at Shake Shack at IFC for this trip under the assumption that there would be a crowd because it was Shake Shack and this was Hong Kong. But by happenstance we came across a newer outlet at Pacific Place (Shop 105A, L1 Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, tel : +852 2810 8928).

Shake Shack, burgers

So we came for lunch with the works. A pair of doubles for the ShackBurger and SmokeShack along with cheese fries, the ShackMeister ale and the milk tea shake that's exclusive to Hong Kong. That ale was a light and smooth brew from Brooklyn Brewery. Tasted like their Brooklyn Lager

Shake Shack, smoke shack

Burgers were nice. But these didn't have the smashed patty look with the crusty caramelized edges one would expect coming from them. It seemed that they're new and still failing to achieve consistency with their product. Which led me to wonder if the beef was the same blend that they do in NYC.

Shake Shack, milk tea shake

I'm a sucker for exclusives. I mean real exclusives like this one because I don't think anywhere else would go for a nai cha (奶茶) shake. I could be wrong. 

Shake Shack, milk tea shake

It's not bad. Not as good as the actual milk tea since this was a lot milkier but I suppose there's enough flavour in there to be recognizeable. A stronger tea flavour - perhaps one that would even introduce a bit of astringency have be awesome though.

Shake Shack, Pacific Place, Hong Kong

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