Thursday, January 03, 2019

Kampong Chicken Eating House, Outram Road

Kampong Chicken Eating House, chicken rice

Another chicken rice shop (247 Outram Road, tel : +65 6221 2522) we've been passing by on numerous occasions telling ourselves we'd try them. That obviously had happened and we're kind glad we did because this was not bad.

Kampong Chicken Eating House, sambal sweet potato leaves

We had a side of stir fried sweet potato leaves with....well, that's either their sambal or hae bi hiam. Either ways, there's spicy dried shrimps in there which totally made the dish. I would come back for this. This by the way was served from the kitchen in surprising quick order. Less than 5 minutes after we had ordered. Hmmm......

Kampong Chicken Eating House, chicken livers

To get a better sensing of their range, we had an order of boiled chicken livers on the side. Creamy chicken livers they served, doused in sesame oil and light soy sauce. Not bad at all.

Kampong Chicken Eating House, chicken

Those yellow skin are a characteristic of kampong chicken if you didn't already know. Meat's pretty tender and it doesn't taste very different from regular chicken if anyone was wondering. It's just a leaner and smaller bird with more intense looking skin.

On the side, those braised eggs had quite a bit of flavour having absorbed all the braising liquid. The rice that they had was nicely flavoured, clean tasting and not overly greasy. 

Kampong Chicken Eating House, chilli

Didn't have any particularly strong feelings about the chilli. It's zesty and had a bit more ginger than I normally prefer. But that's definitely not a deal breaker for me.

Kampong Chicken Eating House, Outram Road

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