Sunday, January 27, 2019

Revisiting Tsui Wah at Clark Quay

Tsui Wah, lemon tea

We're back in Tsui Wah. So this officially made our visits here more frequent than the ones in Hong Kong. Haha. Even if it was just one more.

Tsui Wah, kagoshima pork cartilage noodles

We noticed their Kagoshima styled pork cartilage instant noodles the last time and didn't have room to try them. This was pretty good. Everything including the cartilage was tender. The sauce was savoury and delicious coupled with the dry tossed instant noodles that they didn't overcook.

Tsui Wah, luncheon meat egg rice

Their luncheon meat with egg rice was not bad but I attribute that to the soy sauce and maybe the luncheon meat. Not exactly the better Hong Kong styled fried luncheon meat if I might add.

We had a regular round fried egg which could have been achieved by myriads of food stalls. The bar for fried eggs on rice had been set at Ma Sa and this isn't anywhere in that league.

Tsui Wah, kang kong

This wasn't so much obligatory greens than it was because I generally like kang kong and love preserved bean curd. The vegetables were nicely blanched here flavoured with the latter.

Tsui Wah, sweet sour prawns

This lightly battered sweet and sour prawns were a much better rendition than the disappointing plate at Mei Garden. The batter was there to lend texture without being excessive. There's even bits of hawthorn fruit stir fried in this dish.

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