Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Baan Khanitha & Gallery, Sathorn District, Bangkok

This restaurant (69 South Sathorn Road, Thungmahamek, Sathorn District, Bangkok 10120, tel : +66 0 2675 4200 1) came by a recommendation of a friend, who was also our unofficial day itinerary manager for this trip. In his words, eating Thai food at Baan Khanitha would be very similar to having local food in Long Beach or maybe Tung Lok. One generally gets a superficial representation of what people eat in Thailand, but the said representatives are reflective of the cuisine and are also well prepared.

The location of the restaurant in the night was actually pretty charming. It looked almost like a wooden furnished beach resort of sorts in the middle of the city with art pieces on display.

miang kham

We were first served with some miang kham, which was an appetizer. Or a Thai styled amuse bouche of sorts if you will. How this works is basically, one picks a betel leaf and wraps the accompanying items on the side which included dried shrimp, peanuts, diced lime, shallots, ginger, chillis and dried coconut along with a fish sauce and tamarind based dip. Of course, I did the wrap without the ginger. This was surprisingly very good for most of us that we ordered seconds. The ingredients that were provided worked very well together for me in an explosive blend of sweet, salty, sour and spiciness with a nutty element.

rice crackers

Another appetizer which we ordered up was crispy rice crackers with a sweet, sour and spicy paste.

pandan leaf chicken

The pandan chicken was decent, if not mindblowing in any ways. The nicely browned chicken was well cooked and tasted juicy.

deep fried prawn cakes

Another deep fried starter were prawn paste cakes. I think they would have made pretty good bar snacks and certainly did their part in keeping our mouths busy while waiting for the other dishes to be served. What I appreciated about them were that none of the fried stuff we had were overly greasy.

grilled seafood

Here's a grilled seafood platter which featured their gigantic river prawns, regular prawns, squid and crayfish. I'm kinda enjoying the fact that the common crustaceans here are generally bigger than the ones back home which tends to be smaller and more expensive. Nothing very exciting here except for the river prawns and crayfish which I liked better than the squid which suffered from the lack of char aroma and grill marks.

stir fried broccoli

This was the plate of obligatory greens for the evening which tasted pretty much like how they looked.

tom yam goong with coconut milk

We had opted for two renditions of their tom yam goong. This white version was amazingly very good. The sour and spicy flavors were heavily bolstered by a rich coconut flavor which resulted in a slightly more viscous consistency and reminded us more than a little of Thai green curry. Each of their tom yam goong came with two river prawns as well. Would definitely love to come back for this again.

tom yam goong

The red rendition of the tom yam goong tasted clearer, but it also brought forth a more identifiable, but almost subtle flavor of the prawn heads. Nicely done here.

roasted duck curry

The sweetish, hint of sour and spicy duck curry from Baan Khanitha was interesting because it contained certain things which I hadn't had in curries before. Apart from pieces of duck, there were grapes, pineapple, eggplant and the curious looking baby eggplants which looked like green peas. The texture of those little green balls were crunchier with a hint of bitter.

omelette with minced sausage

Their non-excessively greasy omelette come fried with a nice chewy crust. I guess it was that nice browned crust that elevated this from the usual fried egg.

mango with sticky rice

I've seldom, if ever, have had this Thai dessert. So I just had to just order them since I was here and I guess it was pretty good. The coconut infused glutinous rice was soft and sticky, textured with crispy rice over the top and the mango was juicy and sweet. It probably would have been better with a stronger citrus, but hey, I'm not complaining.

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