Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Wong Chiew Dim Sum, Sembawang Road

Another great find here (19 Sembawang Road, tel : +65 6456 683) for some local and rustic dim sum. I've been passing by this place for years and I've always noticed the stall at the corner shop house that sells roast meat. It's been always out of sight and out of mind until recently, I had realized that they're selling dim sum as well as a pretty wide variety of other cooked food. 

What's the deal with this place? I thought that the char siew bao was nicely done with fillings that could rival ones found in restaurants. Their century egg siew mai was exactly that, with a chunk of century egg stuffed beneath the meat fillings. I couldn't say that I've ever had something done that way or even thought of it but I liked this. The plate of pork ribs was filled with that golden porky grease which made the perfect douse for their porridge filled with minced meat and chunky century eggs. Down to earth would be a good description for all the food here. 

No, there wasn't the lump of ebiko/tobiko on their siew mai or even crab roe that could be seen in their more refined cousins. It was just a daub of what could have been sweet chilli sauce and the radish cake certainly certainly wasn't smooth and creamy. I could also gripe about how slightly less easy it was to slurp the skin off the steamed chicken claws but i wouldn't. I guess these things didn't have to be. I was enjoying them all without the frills. Definitely coming back another time.

chee cheong fun with prawns
char siew bao
fish meat ball
pan fried radish cake
steamed chicken claws with black bean sauce
century egg dumplings
pei dan chok (that's minced meat and century egg porridge for you)
siew mai
deep fried prawn and mango fritters
har gao
fu pei qun (bean curd skin rolls)
steamed pork ribs with black bean

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Unknown said...

this restaurant telephone number sure be +65 6456 6838 :)