Monday, August 08, 2011

Beef tendon soup noodles from Noodle Place Restaurant

Noodle Place Restaurant, beef tendon noodles

This could possibly be my favourite noodles in the vicinity for a while. That being said, the beef tendon noodles wasn't something that one should expect to be mind blowing-ly fantastic. Truth be told, I rank the noodles here second place versus the ones down at Canton-i. The beef tendons were just beef tendons. Pretty tender. While they were nothing out of the ordinary, I liked them so. Something uncomplicated and comforting in the moments I need uncomplicated. I couldn't deny that their brand of soup mixed with a little beef broth helped sway me towards enjoying this.

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ah Teo said...

actually i feel that imperial treasure has better noodles than canton-i and noodle place. But then again, it is a personal preference.