Monday, August 01, 2011

JoLogs, Lucky Plaza

JoLogs, Lucky Plaza

This place was a good recommendation. Even though the referral was to try their crispy pata (which I didn't get a chance to, yet!) and that I had deviated by giving the other items on menu a go. 

JoLogs (304 Orchard Road, #04-03 Lucky Plaza, tel : +65 6887 5724) is a place for rice meals where meats are paired with sinagag (rice) and itlog (sunny side up egg). Eggs are done either of three ways. Scrambled, sunny side up or salted. Yes, the last option was the salted egg most of us in this part of the world are familiar with. Orders are taken at the cashier counter and a number tag is then presented. You can then can help youself with packets of salted peanuts with fried garlic, bottomless drinks, condiments and the plastic utensil - all self service. 

We tried a serving of their sisiglog and another of their rice sets with smoked fish known as tinapa if I recall correctly. And then, there was also their juicy golden brown lechon kawali. Deep fried pork belly. If you were wondering what I had liked exactly out of all these, I could start by saying that the smoked fish was excellent pairing with the rice. It might have sounded like a no brainer there but the bits of garlic along with the salted egg and toasted peanuts found me a new winning combination of textures and flavours there. Not to neglect also, the crispy skinned lechon which had one of the nicest balance of fat and meat. I couldn't say that the sisig was anything impressive though. The crispy and chewy rendition on hotplate served down at 7107 definitely tops this.
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Rainbow Runner said...

HA! Love this post! :-)

Itlog actually means egg in Tagalog. Pritong itlog is the egg cooked in sunny side up fashion. Prito is Tagalog for frying.

Glad you loved Jologs. Now take us with you when you're going for the crispy pata. :-)

ah Teo said...

i do relish every mouthful of the fats in the lechon kawali. :op