Saturday, August 20, 2011

Inaho's Kitchen Bar, Duxton Road

Inaho's Kitchen Bar, Duxton Road
I've been meaning to update this post for a while, but have been caught up in the past few days with work and the blood soaked feud between the Lannisters and the Starks.

Inaho's Kitchen Bar (60A Duxton Road, tel : +65 9090 6948) is run by a disarmingly curious/friendly proprietress Miho, whom has been living here for the past sixteen years. Curiosity got the better hold of us and we asked about the establishment's clientele. It was mentioned that about 5% at an approximate, wasn't Japanese. When we asked what was the English in the menu for, her three word response was 'sometimes ang moh'.

We ordered a bunch of dishes to try. Their home styled preparation was definitely up my alley. Being both a kitchen and a bar, the food that they served did go pretty well with drinks.

Inaho's Kitchen Bar, foodcod roe cream omelette

First up was an almost scramble egg like omelette that was doused in a cream mixed with cod roe. The flavour of the roe were robust in that ethereal cream and we pretty much wiped the plate clean with an extra portion of their freshly toasted sliced baguette.

Inaho's Kitchen Bar, foodgyu tan

I couldn't resist having a shot at their chewy pan fried cow tongue which was served thinly sliced. They were beefy tasting. The portions were rather small though. Of course I wished there were more.

Inaho's Kitchen Bar, foodgrilled squid with ponzu & mayo

I couldn't taste any grill off their grilled squid. In fact, the mollusc tasted like it was braised. To which I didn't have any real complains. The pairing of grated daikon along with their ponzu dressing and heavy drizzle of mayo perked flavours up a couple of notches.

Inaho's Kitchen Bar, foodblack pepper Hiroshima oysters with bamboo shoots

Miho mentioned that these fat oysters were from her place of birth. They were the largest Hiroshima oysters I've had. Even after they were cooked, these oysters were still a literal mouthful for me. Good enough for returns for sure.

Inaho's Kitchen Bar, foodsauteed pork with kimchi 

The sliced pieces sautéed pork actually packed more sodium than spice but I guess this was really just bar food here. Or maybe Japanese kimchi wasn't meant to pack as much punch as the Korean ones? Apart from the lack of the kimchi flavour, this was pretty enjoyable and would have been great to eat with rice.

I'm favourably disposed towards this hideout. Will consider coming back again.

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