Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A hiyashi chuka from Ohsho

Ohsho, hiyashi chuka
There has always been some appeal at Ohsho. For me it's the fried rice. For others, it could be the old school charm of a cze char environment. Seems that I've found something else about them which I like. This cold noodle from Ohsho was pretty good. Not that I've noticed it on menu before which makes me wonder if this was an addition to the menu from recent times. 

What was enjoyable about this hiyashi chuka for me was the firm and springy noodles in that shoyu sauce which was perfumed with yuzu zest. The omelette strips on the side were still warm as it was fried and shredded as they were preparing the noodles.

I wouldn't say that this can displace Ken's cold ramen anytime. The ingredients were a little different (e.g. ham strips here versus real strips of charshu at Ken, different style of eggs) but I think it's good enough as an alternative. There seems to be a sesame flavoured version so I don't mind coming back another time for that. Something else to look forward to apart from their fried rice.


red fir said...

Did you just answer your own question on your latest entry...

LiquidShaDow said...

You know what? You're right. Thanks for digging this up, I didn't even remember that from such a long time back!