Thursday, December 11, 2008

A key lime pie from CPK

This was not what I had in mind after having that one at PS Cafe. California Pizza Kitchen's rendition turned out to be excessively sweet for me with a sugar rush in a bad way. While I agreed that there was a discernible flavour from the lime, the lack of the limey zest was quite obvious and the curd-y fillings tasted pretty milky. The crust was also pathetic - excessively sweet with the taste of honey, there wasn't anything crusty about it at all. Texture felt like a soggy muesli bar. I remember having had this years back and I recalled that it was enjoyable then. Something must have changed over here. It's either my taste or a changed recipe at work.


Key Lime Cat said...

I'm a frequent buyer of the Key Lime Pie at CPK. They haven't changed the recipe, but that pie looks like it was having a bad day.

I'd like to challenge the host of Small Potatoes Make the Steak Look Bigger.

The Challenge: Try the Key Lime Pie AGAIN at CPK.

The PIE: Complimentary on my behalf.

Please contact me!
I LOVE key lime pie and I feel obligated to educate people on the pie. I'm loyal to CPK, because they're food is quality and 99.9% of the time...consistent!

LiquidShaDow said...

Well, it could just be me and the rendition that CPK does. But I'm up to the challenge. :)