Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fast breaking roundup

This one is just about some fast food breakfast options that we have here. They've been around for years mostly and I haven't really paid attention to them until lately when I had the sudden urge to.

I forgot what this is called but it's a sourdough sandwich with bacon, eggs and cheese. Possibly one of the better, if not best amongst the small realm of fast food breakfast sandwiches. The real bacon scored since we have too much turkey bacon around. What's nice about the sourdough sandwiches from CJ was that it came buttered. Those little wheels of hash brown nuggets were actually pretty addictive. I remember that they used to have some bacon cheese burger that uses these sourdough bread slices in the past, but it's no longer on the menu. I thought those were pretty good.

The bacon and eggs burritos were disappointing in terms of size. I was fooled by the menu into thinking that they were thick rolls filled with creamy scrambled eggs and bacon and cheese. The burrito itself was skinner than I had thought though it didn't taste too bad. Though it was more of an omelette than scrambled eggs.

A breakfast croissant from BK that tastes really bready rather than what a croissant should be like. It was tasty mostly because of the salty ham, but this is something that I probably could make at home.

These are a couple of "big" breakfast sandwiches from Burger King. Of course, it would be just wishful thinking on my part to expect them to be big because they are anything but. Again it was probably the generic salty sausage (tastier than McDs it seems there) patties that made them good to eat. I still dislike those fake bacon strips. What was clearly different were the hash brown nuggets here in comparison with CJ. These just didn't taste as good. Not even close.


ah Teo said...

I like CJ's potato sides. The mini round hashbrowns, the natural cut fries and their beef chili fries or waffle fries tastes simply different from other fast food restaurants. yum...

red fir said...

I love BK's croissan'wich. I remember they used to have those french toast sticks. Dunk them in maple syrup... oh so good.