Sunday, April 01, 2007

More lunch at Garibaldi

Garibaldi has of recent months(?) upped their cost for lunch. It used to be $29++ and now it's $32++. I'm not sure about a $3 increment in experience though. The deal for the lunch is still the same as before, 3 courses plus coffee or tea. This lunch was done with a reader whom has responded to and old post from last year. It's dated, but what the heck. It's usually interesting to meet new people and perspective. Especially people who enjoy a good meal.

I wasn't expecting any noticeable changes in the food quality as it wasn't that long back since I last ate here. I will try to remember to come back for dinner instead. It'll be more interesting than lunch and you'll get to see something else other than pasta (which is btw, always an excellent al dente in hot sauce). ;)

crostini di polenta con funghi e fonduta de taleggio
penne alla carbonara I

penne alla carbonara II

penne alla carbonara III

chocolate and a forgotten flavour


Anonymous said...

don't mind doing lunch or dinner some where again soon .

LiquidShaDow said...

sure thing Wendy,

if you have any places in mind, just let me know. u know where to email me. :)

Unknown said...

who uses penne for a cream based pasta ? very odd !