Thursday, April 12, 2007

More musings from Menotti


"Duomo is a generic Italian term for a cathedral church. The formal word for a church that is presently a cathedral is cattedrale; a Duomo may be either a present or a former cathedral (the latter always in a town that no longer has a bishop nor therefore a cathedral, as for example. Such churches are usually referred to simply as "Il Duomo" or "The Duomo", without regard to the full proper name of the church."

But the Duomo from Menotti is a dome shaped dessert of mascarpone and spiced cream with olive oil and sugar dough. This is probably one of the really underrated desserts because of it's ordinary looks and is also probably my favorite. Underneath the transparent film of jelly like surface is a carapace of sweet rich ivory mascarpone cream houses a spherical dark chocolate shell filled with liquid dark chocolate. For me, it's actually the mascarpone dome that does the trick. Despite it's not too enticing description from the menu, this is really good stuff. Get your Duomo today.


Morton's certainly makes the best crab cakes in town, but Menotti's crocchette aren't too much of a slouch neither at less than half the price. Breaded and fried to a crispy golden brown surface, these savory cakes are made of shredded crab meat instead of whole chunks of crab. Apart from the big M, I'm definitely hard pressed to find better version these anywhere else. I'll be glad to be proven wrong though.

triple scoop gelato topped with a "mini Rum baba puff"

A mini Rum baba puff is an intrigueing name for a topping for gelato so there you have it at the top if you're still wondering. It's actually the little donut soaked in rum. From what I was told by a friend, rum babas are indeed cakes soaked in rum and are desserts that used to be available locally. Another non sentient friend mentions that the cake is of Slavic origins and the modern renditions today have gone through French influences. The triple scoop were olive oil, rum & raisin and hazelnut chocolate.

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