Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ayam Penyet House, 67 Beach Road

This place was actually a basement unit at the junction of Beach Road and Middle Road (#B1-01/02). From the posters on the wall at the entrance, it appeared that they had been featured on television. This shop was better than the one I tried at Chong Pang. There were sides like tempeh, kang kong and tauhu goreng instead of just a cherry tomato and a stick of cucumber. It seems that differet franchise outlets have different serving standards. The Chong Pang version was served with chicken rice while this came with plain white rice. There was a slathering of crispy crumbs which was really a bonus. Curiosity drove me to try the beef version of the dish (at $6) which the menu described as steak. Yeah, right.....! Well, it came as I expected - a dry hunk of beef.

That was the smashed beef. Didn't look like much. Sambal was delicious. This one gave a helluva kick (the kind that sent prickling sensation up your scalp). While it was spicy and sweet, it was more spicy than sweet.

Apart from the dry-ish meat, I've had to admit this was quite tasty. That was also helped by the exceptional sambal. It's so good that I wanted to ask for more.

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